Commercial Services

We specialize in custom security services. Using technology and process innovations, we create operating plans for you that are both requirement focused and cost effective.

Whether you’re a major property management company, a national financial institution, a regional retail center or any other organization, Security Innovations can design and deploy custom security services that fulfill all your requirements.

Security Innovations offers a broad range of security services, including:

  • Uniformed, unarmed and plainclothes security services
  • Background checks and investigative services
  • Concierge and receptionist services
  • Patrol and alarm response
  • Security consulting, system design, security surveys
  • Security trained support personnel
  • Special events coverage and crowd control Special Event Security
  • Ushers and ticket takers Special Event Security
  • Workplace violence solutions
  • Access control

Facility specific commercial security

  • Commercial and industrial complexes
  • Health care facilities
  • High-rise buildings
  • High-tech facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Stadiums and Convention Centers
  • Biotech
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Residential communities
  • Utilities

In the security industry, a key success factor is the ability to sense changing requirements and adapt accordingly. At Security Innovations, we’ve done just that. Security guards have become security officers, with added skills and responsibilities.

Providing security in an office lobby has become much more than observing pedestrian traffic; it now includes the operation of sophisticated electronic systems. Our security managers are skilled in operation procedures and software systems in addition to their military, law enforcement or other security experience.

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